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| posted 20 Jan, 2019 00:31
Hi Nikki,
So this is a very specific enzymatic activity. Can you differentiate between this, and say, just a generic amidase? HHPred can't always discern that level of specificity.

IF you have good evidence for the specific activity, then sure. Otherwise, go with more generic.
Posted in: Functional Annotationlysin A domains in Arthrobacter AN phages
| posted 19 Jan, 2019 13:55
No. Band-7 proteins are their own class.

Thanks for asking!
Posted in: Functional AnnotationMembrane protein
| posted 14 Jan, 2019 20:08
I agree with Dan—
It still looks like admin issues.

I *think* you can move the entire already installed DNA Master folder from /Program Files to another location without reinstalling.

Otherwise, make sure you set up the Desktop shortcut such that the program always launches with admin rights.

Posted in: DNA MasterProblem installing DNA Master on Windows 10
| posted 14 Jan, 2019 18:54
Hi Jackie,
I think this still counts at MPME1.

Posted in: Cluster F Annotation TipsMPMEs--which one?
| posted 14 Jan, 2019 18:53
Hi Manuel,
that is definitely an out of date version. Current version on my computer is dated Nov 2019, and I just ran the updater and there is even a more recent one than that.

Usually when the program refuses to update it is not being launched with admin rights.

Posted in: DNA MasterProblem installing DNA Master on Windows 10
| posted 14 Jan, 2019 16:48
One step growth curves in Mycobacteria are really hard. I've tried a number of times, but never really been satisfied with the data; it just doesn't look as nice as ones with E. coli or Salmonella phages.

In general, we try for exponential cells with an OD of 0.4, and MOI of at least ten. We do the infection in a small volume (so you pellet your cells, resuspend in 1/10 or even smaller a volume); add phage; wait 15 min; and then bring back up to the initial volume. Shake at 37 for 3 hours or so while you sample.

Latent periods seem to run around 3 hours-ish.

Posted in: MycobacteriumOne Step Growth Curve
| posted 10 Jan, 2019 13:14
yes, i agree— it stays a tail protein.
Posted in: Functional Annotationminor tail proteins in Arthrobacter AN cluster
| posted 08 Jan, 2019 19:23
Hi All,
BAsed on this paper,
I think we are not going to add "FIC" to the list.

As Dave said, FIC proteins are now identified just by a single short sequence, and can do all sorts of things.
This means that we will not be adding this as a function at this time.
Posted in: Functional AnnotationFIC family protein
| posted 08 Jan, 2019 14:22
Tell them not to open the program from the installer window, but to launch it the way we describe in the manual.
They are probably launching with out admin rights if they go straight from install to open.
Edited 08 Jan, 2019 14:23
Posted in: DNA MasterProblem installing DNA Master on Windows 10
| posted 17 Dec, 2018 16:39
Hi Julia,
The annotating school absolutely gets author credit in GenBank. I like the idea of adding an "annotated by" box to phagesdb…. I will look into making it happen.
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