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SEA-PHAGES Community

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General Message Board
A place to post messages of interest to the SEA-PHAGES community, such as undergraduate research opportunities, job postings, paper announcements, etc.
53 107 Apr 3, 2024
8:06 AM
Shared SEA-PHAGES Phages
1 2 Apr 27, 2022
8:55 PM
Host-Range Project
A forum for discussions and questions about the SEA-PHAGES community project investigating the host range of a known panel of phages.
5 33 Mar 21, 2019
10:08 AM
Xeno Project
A forum for discussions and questions about the SEA-PHAGES community project seeking phages that are defended against by a Xeno lysogen.
4 8 Jun 7, 2017
6:37 PM
Messages for Cabrini College
1 25 May 31, 2016
11:44 AM


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Phage Biology
No question is too simple or too complicated! Ask questions about phages here.
17 62 Mar 7, 2024
7:32 PM
Questions about calling genes/tRNAs, selecting start sites, predicting functions, etc.
52 233 May 16, 2024
3:58 PM
Cluster-Specific Annotation Tips
This forum contains sub-forums that have specific and critical information you'll need to know when annotating phages of certain clusters.
2 6 Jun 6, 2023
11:45 AM
Questions and discussions about temperate phages, the lysogenic life cycle, genetic switches, immunity, repressors, super-infection, etc.
9 31 Sep 28, 2023
1:08 PM
Questions about or suggestions of interesting papers related to phages.
3 11 Jun 20, 2023
3:25 PM
Bioinformatic Tools and Analyses
A forum for questions and discussion about bioinformatic tools beyond the standard DNA Master and Phamerator. Ask about programs/analyses like Gepard, ANIs, Gene Content Similarity, SplitsTree, Clustal, etc.
10 54 Apr 18, 2024
7:16 AM


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Phage Discovery/Isolation
Questions about how to isolate phages from the environment, including the use of enrichment protocols to help yield.
42 238 Mar 30, 2024
10:59 PM
Sequencing, Assembling, and Finishing Genomes
For questions about sequencing, assembling, or finishing phage genomes.
4 22 Nov 9, 2022
10:20 AM


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DNA Master
Using DNA Master to annotate and analyze phage genomes.
101 833 Mar 22, 2024
12:55 PM
Questions, discussions, and help related to the SEA-GENES database genesDB
0 0 Jan 26, 2023
10:24 AM
Questions, discussions, and help related to using the comparative-genomics program Phamerator.
22 178 Apr 3, 2024
11:07 AM
SEA-PHAGES Virtual Machine
Questions related to downloading, installing, and using the SEA-PHAGES Virtual Machine.
18 113 Jan 11, 2024
1:27 PM
Questions/comments/discussions related to using the SEA-PHAGES App, available on iOS and Android.
2 14 Aug 27, 2019
11:04 AM
A forum for questions about the Phage Evidence Collection and Annotation Network developed at Western Kentucky University.
29 134 May 20, 2024
10:57 AM
Questions and discussions about how to use Consed to quality-control phage genome assemblies.
2 9 Sep 23, 2023
3:12 PM
Using 454's GS De Novo Assembler (aka Newbler) to assemble phage genomes.
2 39 Sep 27, 2023
8:04 AM
Using Starterator to compare called gene start sites across a pham, and interpreting results.
38 316 Apr 26, 2024
9:25 PM
Questions about using AceUtil to quality-control phage genomes.
0 0


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Questions/comments related to using Arthrobacter species as phage hunting hosts.
8 33 Sep 17, 2022
3:15 PM
Questions/comments related to using Gordonia species as phage hunting hosts.
4 12 Sep 16, 2022
5:04 PM
Questions/comments related to using Microbacterium species as phage hunting hosts.
3 7 Sep 22, 2022
9:54 AM
Questions/comments related to using Mycobacterium species as phage hunting hosts.
6 24 Jan 10, 2024
4:46 PM
Questions/comments related to using Rhodococcus species as phage hunting hosts.
1 3 Dec 11, 2018
3:23 PM
Questions/comments related to using Streptomyces species as phage hunting hosts.
2 14 Jul 11, 2017
1:08 PM