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anti-CBASS type III-C protein

| posted 06 May, 2024 19:37

This is an investigation of function for Balomoji protein #102 (Pecaan) or 102 (final DNAMaster file), genome coordinates 60991-61688, pham 163488.

We answer the required questions and make a pitch in this google doc for consideration of function related to cyclic trinucleotide binding anti-CBASS proteins, inspired by Dr. Bondy-Denomy's SEA Symposium presentation.

Allison and two fantastic students who did this work, Harshini and Mariya
| posted 10 May, 2024 01:15
Alison and your students,
Thank you for your awesome work on this. Maria Gainey presented this and her similar protein at our SMART meeting today and a discussion ensued. For now, we recommend that you call this protein "cyclic nucleotide inhibitor".
| posted 10 May, 2024 16:18
Hi Alison, great work! I am going to contact you to share some additional information and then we can post additional details here.

I think a more specific name than the one I suggested yesterday, would be "cyclic nucleotide sequestering protein" that is what I am going to go with for now.
| posted 11 May, 2024 14:01
Awesome thank you!!
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