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How-to videos that help with various parts of running or participating in a SEA-PHAGES course.
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Tutorials that demonstrate how to assemble and finish phage genomes after they've been sequenced.
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Videos from the 7th Annual SEA-PHAGES Symposium, held at Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia.
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The student talks from the 2015 Symposium.
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Interviews with K-RITH Students from the 2016 Mycobacterial Genetics Course

This is a collection of interviews from students who participated in the 2016 Mycobacterial Course in Durban, South Africa.

By Santhe Africa

Added: Feb 22, 2017

Tags: K-RITH

2017 Orientation Webinar for Cohort 10 (Part 2)

SEA-PHAGES Orientation Webinar for Cohort 10, including a brief Q+A session.

Presentation by David Asai and Graham Hatfull. Moderation by Vic Sivanathan.

Added: Jan 31, 2017

Using the Phage Enzyme Tools to Predict Cluster

In this tutorial, Dan Russell walks you through how to use the Phage Enzyme Tools (PET) to predict the cluster of your phage, after you've run a restriction digest on it.

The PET were developed at the University of Louisiana, Monroe by a team including Chris Gissendanner, Allison Wiedemeier, Paul Wiedemeier, and Ann Findley.

Recorded and edited by Dan Russell.

Added: Jul 26, 2016

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