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DNA Master
Using DNA Master to annotate and analyze phage genomes.
87 673 Oct 4, 2021
4:02 PM
Questions, discussions, and help related to using the comparative-genomics program Phamerator.
18 127 Feb 22, 2021
4:52 PM
SEA-PHAGES Virtual Machine
Questions related to downloading, installing, and using the SEA-PHAGES Virtual Machine.
15 99 Sep 13, 2021
2:04 PM
Questions/comments/discussions related to using the SEA-PHAGES App, available on iOS and Android.
2 14 Aug 27, 2019
11:04 AM
A forum for questions about the Phage Evidence Collection and Annotation Network developed at Western Kentucky University.
24 112 Jul 21, 2021
2:16 PM
Questions and discussions about how to use Consed to quality-control phage genome assemblies.
2 8 Apr 6, 2016
11:38 PM
Using 454's GS De Novo Assembler (aka Newbler) to assemble phage genomes.
2 14 Aug 12, 2021
4:05 PM
Using Starterator to compare called gene start sites across a pham, and interpreting results.
37 291 Aug 19, 2021
8:55 PM
Questions about using AceUtil to quality-control phage genomes.
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