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FIC family protein

| posted 12 Nov, 2017 15:56
Kiko_draft_36 BLAST data (attached) shows strong hits to FIC family protein in many bacteria. HHpred also hits FIC protein/domain as well as many other things (attached). What do you think is the appropriate functional call? I have also attached the product sequence if you want to take it to HHpred yourself to see the full data.
Edited 12 Nov, 2017 15:57
| posted 15 Jan, 2018 04:20

I think the big question to ask is what does it mean to be an FIC protein. When I did a quick search I found that these proteins contain a domain that is HPFXXGNG and indeed your protein has this conserved domain. What I also found was that this family of proteins has a member called DOC that stands for death on curing and somehow leads to cell death if the P1 prophage is lost. In this case the lysogen is carried as a plasmid and can be lost during cell division but if cells lose the plasmid lysogen they die. This seems like a really cool and possible function for your protein.

Hopefully Welkin will look at this and make a decision.


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