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Below we've collected articles—from a variety of sources—that are related to the SEA-PHAGES program. If you know of an article that should be added to this collection, please contact us and let us know about it!

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Thumbnail for Freshmen participate in huge research study on tiny viruses

Freshmen participate in huge research study on tiny viruses

CU Boulder Today | May 1, 2015

A new study appearing this week in the scientific journal eLIFE about the rapid evolution of small viruses that infect bacteria includes 59 University of Colorado Boulder co-authors, all of whom conducted research for the paper as more

Related institution: University of Colorado at Boulder

Thumbnail for One student gets to name lab discovery

One student gets to name lab discovery

Oscar Santiago Torres

Eagle News | Aug. 27, 2014

An agar plate lies still. Omnicron has destroyed the layer of bacteria inside the plate, leaving plaques or dark holes 2 mm in diameter. Omnicron is a virus replicating itself inside the plate. The discovery of this virus belongs to Tasha Baer, a Florida Gulf Coast University student from the 2013-14 Virus Hunters more

Related institution: Florida Gulf Coast University

Thumbnail for A summer of sequencing

A summer of sequencing

Joseph McClain

Ideation | Sept. 6, 2013

It was the summer that the freshmen ruled the sequencer. Technically, the six William & Mary students who logged heavy lab time with a state-of-the-art Ion Torrent gene sequencer had finished their freshman year and therefore did their summer work as rising more

Related institution: College of William & Mary

Thumbnail for WKU 2012 Goldwater Scholarship Recipient Charles Coomer

WKU 2012 Goldwater Scholarship Recipient Charles Coomer

innovateKY/YouTube | April 24, 2012

Charles Coomer, a junior in the Honors College at WKU and the son of Evell and Don Coomer, has been involved in microbiological research for two years. In the lab of Dr. Rodney King, associate professor of biology, Coomer is characterizing viruses that infect bacterial more

Related institution: Western Kentucky University

Thumbnail for First-years discover viruses, analyze DNA

First-years discover viruses, analyze DNA

Kate Nussenbaum

The Brown Daily Herald | Feb. 10, 2012

Sixteen first-years watched with excitement as their screens loaded the sequence of 59,625 nucleic acids that comprise the DNA of “Job42,” the virus a student in their class had discovered, isolated and named during the fall semester. “Each of them codes for something,” said Jordan more

Related institution: Brown University

Thumbnail for Bio major considered dream come true for department

Bio major considered dream come true for department

Melanie Greenberg

Loquitor—Cabrini College Student Media | March 5, 2011

Surrounded by only her thoughts and glass beekers, one Cabrini student spends much of her time diligently working in the Iadarola Science Center. Katie Mageeney, senior biology major and math and chemistry minor, is anything but an average student. “Katie is definitely dedicated to her lab work,” more

Related institutions: Cabrini University | Lehigh University

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