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DNA Master on M1 Mac

| posted 22 Feb, 2022 22:46
Oops! Thanks Eric. I updated the sharing settings. Try it now.

Also, a FANTASTIC TA of mine, Mayra Rosales (who also works in IT part-time), found a great resource for those of us that had issues uninstalling DNA Master (in order to reinstall into the correct place). You can access it here: There are 7 different methods to try, one of which is an "Auto-uninstall" button at the bottom that you can also try. She also recommends going into the Control Panel to uninstall from there.
Edited 22 Feb, 2022 22:51
| posted 22 Feb, 2022 22:53
This is terrific! Thanks so much!
| posted 15 Dec, 2022 01:45
VMWare Fusion 13 can be used with Windows 11 ARM Pro on a Mac with M1 chip:

I have not seen the video, but the one at may be helpful in installing the software.

As best as I recall, the steps are:
1)Make sure you are running an updated version of macOS13.
2)Download VMWare Fusion 13 at . I have only tried VMWARE Fusion Pro, but I have heard that the free player will work as well.
3)Sign up for Windows Insider Program at
4)Download the Windows 11 Client ARM64 Preview (Beta Channel) – Build 2258 at
5)Run VMWare fusion 13 on your Mac.
7)Select Microsoft Windows > Windows 11 64-bit Arm
smileOnce installed, DNAMaster should be installed on the Desktop and can be updated to the newest version.

I haven't been able to copy and paste or drag files between the Windows and the Mac side at this point, which would make working with sequences easier.
Harris McFerrin
| posted 19 Dec, 2022 23:20
Ok I just tried this out and everything worked. I now have DNA Master running in a Windows 11 for ARM using the free "for personal use" version of VMWare Fusion 13 so this is a solution that does not require buying parallels.

With all the registering, downloading and configuring it took about 2.5 hours. The video was very detailed and goes through all the steps. So if you are at all reticent I recommend watching the video linked about. If you want to just try I would add the following steps:

step 4 add that after download you need to install homebrew on your mac, then use homebrew to install the qemu suite, then use qemu-img to convert the Windows 11 client download from a VHDX format to a VMDK format for use with VMWare.

step 7. you will get stuck trying to get windows to start up as installation now requires an internet connection but you cannot install the network drivers and get internet until you isntall the VMtools which you cannot do until you start up Windows. So check out the video or search for on how to boot windows 11 without internet.
Finally to get everything working once Windows fully boots, use Powershell in administrator to run the VMWare Tools from the virtual CD.

I too have not been able to get file sharing or copy/paste set up. According to this page:
and this page:
these features are not yet supported yet for M1 mac/Windows 11 for Arm. See suggested work arounds.
| posted 04 Jun, 2023 13:49
Hello All,
There is now a somewhat more streamlined way to install VMWare Fusion and Windows 11 for ARM on Macs with silicon chips (M1/M2 chips used since 2021 for many apple machines) for free, and this type of installation allows for Windows updates. This approach will require free accounts with VMWare and Windows/Microsoft. DNAMaster is not available at the moment for download or update, but a previously installed DNAMaster folder containing a relatively recent version of the software (and preferences) can be copied onto a thumbdrive or cloud-based drive and then placed on the Desktop into Windows 11 running on VMWare fusion. All of the functions that I have tried so far have worked. Once installed, you will need to go into DNAMaster File > Preferences > Timed Events and deselect automatic updates until DNAMaster updates become available again. If you have trouble accessing BLAST through DNAMaster, let me know and I will post some extra steps that I tried but don’t think are necessary. Hopefully, I didn't skip anything.
1. Create an account and download (free) VMware Fusion Technology Preview II 22H2 from
2. Scan pp1-7 of the attached VMWare companion guide for conventions and notes.
3. Skip to page 36 of the companion guide for directions on how to install Windows ARM in VMWare. A few notes about this process: You will download the w11arm_esd2iso ISO creation utility version 3.0.1 from the VMware Fusion Documents forum at the following link: The file is at the bottom of the page will be named The exact name represents the version of the utility contained in the zip file. You will need to use the Mac Terminal app for portions of this, and you can find it using Spotlight. Commands in Terminal are case-sensitive, and pay attention to whether there are lower case L’s (l) or the number 1s which look very similar. Important: Where is specified in the companion guide, the current version is 3.0.1 not 3.0, so you will type that instead. Also important: It is a good idea to read each step in its entirety because occasionally you will need to customize something rather than just clicking ‘continue’ . Finally, in step 8, you should be prepared to click your mouse quickly in the VMware screen before it times out, and when setting up Windows, you will be asked for a Microsoft/Windows account. My work account didn’t work, so I setup a new free personal account using my gmail address as the user ID.

This seems to be a stable and free way of using DNAMaster on new Macs; however, the issue of not being able to share files and copy/paste from the MacOS to the Windows side and vice-versa persists. Additional workarounds for these issues are mentioned in sections 13.8 and 13.9 of the guide, but I haven’t tried them yet. I hope this helps.

Harris McFerrin
Edited 04 Jun, 2023 15:07
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