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Auto-annotation fix for fall 2017 and later

| posted 20 Feb, 2018 22:32
I just figured out what was going on with only auto-annotating the tRNA genes.

I was working on a computer lab computer which I had set preferences on previously. But apparently DNA Master over-rode those preferences on an update at some point. Something reset the preferences to the default "Use NCBI servers".

Anyway, once I went through again and reset the server settings as listed in the page below everything worked again.

I hope this helps save headaches for someone else. Greg
| posted 11 Feb, 2019 02:26
I'm having a strange problem with the auto annotation in DNA Master. I am running the latest update of DNA Master (5.23.3; 08Jan2019), and all the preferences are updates as per the 2017 fix.
When auto annotating, I get a "Glimmer failure", but interestingly, I do get auto annotated features. The start sites are all predicted by Glimmer, but no features have start sites predicted by GeneMark. I am connected to the internet and can BLAST individual genes without a problem. I have tried several times to autoannotate today without any luck getting the GeneMark predicted starts.
Any suggestions?

Dana Pape-Zambito
| posted 11 Feb, 2019 11:20
Hi. I believe that the issue is a licensing issue that we need to do on our end. It should be fixed later today.
| posted 11 Feb, 2019 22:12
I believe that GeneMark is now working!
Back in business!
| posted 11 Feb, 2019 22:12
Thanks Debbie. I was able to auto annotate this afternoon with GeneMark calls.
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