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Archiving Information 2021-22

The procedure for sending archiving samples to the University of Pittsburgh is largely similar this year, but please read carefully.

Note that you do not need to add beads to tubes anymore.

Contact Us/Questions

Please send any questions about the information below to Debbie ( and Becky (

Please read the latest Archiving Instructions at the link below.

Archiving Sample Submission Form

Please submit the information about the samples you are sending using this Google Form. This will help us keep track of samples, correct any spelling errors, and make sure your samples are accounted for.

We are asking that you add a tracking number in the appropriate place on the form. We have rotating lab staff, and want to make sure all packages are accounted for.


PLEASE ARCHIVE BY CALENDAR YEAR! That is, send all samples found in 2021 together, regardless of whether they were found in spring, summer, or fall.

You should send archiving samples for phages found in 2021 for arrival no later than December 16.


Please ship samples, as described below, for delivery to Pittsburgh on Mon-Thurs. We sometimes have issues with Friday deliveries, and don't want any samples to sit over the weekend.

Also, we are unable to receive samples from Nov 24 to Nov 28, and again from Dec 17 to Jan 3. Please avoid shipping during these times.

Please be sure to include an up-to-date Archiving Report in the package. You can print one from your institution's page on

Shipping Address

Attn: Becky Garlena
University of Pittsburgh
Langley Garage 120F
Langley Hall
Fifth and Ruskin Avenues
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
(412) 624 6976

DNA Samples

Just a note that DNA samples should be sent to the same address as above, and so if it's convenient to you, you can send DNA samples and archiving samples together in a single box.

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