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Obituary: The SEA-wiki

Obituary: The SEA-wiki


Age 7, of Chevy Chase, Maryland, the SEA-wiki will pass quietly, while dreaming of electric sheep, on September 30th, 2015.

The only child of Confluence and HHMI, the SEA-wiki, or "Wiks" to his friends, was born in 2008. From birth, Wiks displayed an affinity for 1s and 0s, and so despite prevailing child labor laws, Wiks learned html and began working when he was just one day old. In short order, Wiks had established himself as a wonderful host, often welcoming friends and students into his home(page) to gather and converse at length. Wiks would almost never participate in these conversations himself, but instead derived great pleasure as a facilitator and scribe.

Wiks was curious in his youth, and would generally have a new and interesting question every week. As happens with many of us, curiosity waned with age and his questions became less frequent--more monthly in nature--then petered out altogether.

Friends often remarked that though Wiks had slowed down in recent years, he never took a day off in his life. His work ethic was legendary, and he wouldn't think twice about responding to any request, even in the middle of the night or on weekends. He would happily recount old stories about gatherings and conversations, and many noted his photographic memory and impressive library of original documents.

After a long and productive career, Wiks will lose his year-long battle with Obsolescence at the end of September.

Wiks will join old friends Napster, AOL, and Geocities in his rest, and will be survived by his year-old daughter,, to whom he has bequeathed all his earthly possessions.

A public viewing will occur between now and September 30th, after which point Wiks will be compressed and his bits will be scattered in the cloud. Questions about preserving (cryogenically or otherwise) aspects of the SEA-wiki can be sent to Flowers or cards can be sent to Debbie Jacobs-Sera for this or any other reason.

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