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| posted 10 Apr, 2017 14:32

It seems that the Z-scores from PECAAN differ from the Z-scores from DNAMaster for a given gene, and for the same start sites. Any idea why? Both scores for the same gene start always seem to show the same trend, so it doesn't seem like a big issue– just a curiosity for now. Which one should be in the final annotation notes? We are going with the PECAAN ones since they are all imported into DNAMaster at once.

SCSU, New Haven CT
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| posted 22 Feb, 2017 17:26
Thanks Chris – Yup, that was the issue! I'm not sure how it ended up locked, but it was indeed locked.

Posted in: PECAANRead-only Genome for User?
| posted 22 Feb, 2017 16:29
My students are having a problem editing the Mabel genome in PECAAN, with the error stating that it is “Read-only", and thus cannot be edited/annotated. The same students can edit other SCSU genomes that have been added, but not Mabel. As an Admin, I have no problems editing Mabel. Any idea why there is a permissions error even thought they are approved Institutional Users?

Edited 22 Feb, 2017 16:31
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| posted 08 Feb, 2017 18:20
Hi Chris,

We were attempting to perform the whole phamerated phage report for Flaverint, and it crashed on gp18. It seems to happen with the 2017VM Starterator, and the Github V1.1 version that I 'git cloned'. In fact, Starterator doesn't seem to like many of the A11's.

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| posted 06 Feb, 2017 22:20
Flaverint_Draft (A11) crashes at Gene 18 (Pham 8250) with the code below using the Starterator 1.1 from github. (I can however, get the Pham report from the WUSTL website.)


CLUSTAL 2.1 Multiple Sequence Alignments

Sequence format is Pearson
Sequence 1: Jabith_Draft_31      204 bp
Sequence 2: Lucivia_Draft_32     204 bp
Sequence 3: Flaverint_Draft_31   204 bp
Sequence 4: Bachome_Draft_31     204 bp
Start of Pairwise alignments

Sequences (1:2) Aligned. Score: 100
Sequences (1:3) Aligned. Score: 100
Sequences (1:4) Aligned. Score: 98.0392
Sequences (2:3) Aligned. Score: 100
Sequences (2:4) Aligned. Score: 98.0392
Sequences (3:4) Aligned. Score: 98.0392
Guide tree file created:   [/home/seafaculty/.starterator/Intermediate Files/Pham8250.dnd]

There are 3 groups
Start of Multiple Alignment

Group 1: Sequences:   2      Score:3876
Group 2: Sequences:   3      Score:3876
Group 3: Sequences:   4      Score:3838
Alignment Score 9738

CLUSTAL-Alignment file created  [/home/seafaculty/.starterator/Intermediate Files/Pham8250.aln]

exception in starterator
Exception in thread Thread-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/", line 810, in __bootstrap_inner
  File "/home/seafaculty/starterator/starterator/", line 296, in run
    self.starterate() #running thread starts here
  File "/home/seafaculty/starterator/starterator/", line 301, in starterate
    gui=self, event=self.stop_thread)
  File "/home/seafaculty/starterator/starterator/", line 112, in starterate
    final_file, short_final = phage.final_report()
  File "/home/seafaculty/starterator/starterator/", line 59, in final_report
  File "/home/seafaculty/starterator/starterator/", line 84, in make_reports
    pham = gene_report.make_report(whole=True)
  File "/home/seafaculty/starterator/starterator/", line 283, in make_report
  File "/home/seafaculty/starterator/starterator/", line 233, in find_most_common_start
    most_annot_start_index = self.total_possible_starts.index(annot_starts_count[0][0])+1
IndexError: list index out of range
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| posted 22 Jan, 2017 15:41
Is the server down (between Jan. 21nd-22nd, 2017)? The ftp server is not responding. I have tried CLI, several browsers and two operating systems to connect, and they all have failed. If it is not an error on my side, it would be nice if a message was posted somewhere (or an email to SEA-PHAGES faculty) that the server is down for regular maintenance, etc.
Posted in: DNA MasterCan't get DNA Master to download on a PC
| posted 15 Dec, 2016 16:22
Awesome! Thanks Chris!
Posted in: StarteratorStarterator version 1.1 released
| posted 17 Nov, 2016 15:21
My students are having a very tough time getting a high enough yields with this new protocol! We may not make the deadline of tomorrow (11-18-16). We are following the protocol and keeping in mind all of the potential pitfalls with the kit. We have seen a little smearing on the "best" preps, and we have one prep that also does the disappearing trick after R.E. digestion. With the caveats of a NanoDrop in mind, we are getting ~40ng/uL to ~80ng/uL following the protocol, and in several cases when we did not split the one mL HTL (i.e. added 1mL of HTL to one column), the resulting yield was double (i.e. ~160ng/uL), which might be useful to know. Our lysate titers have been low as well, thus we have been working with lysates very close to 1x10^9 pfu/mL, because it has been the best that the students have been able to achieve this year (which is a separate issue to be sure.)

Dan: With such great sequence coverage that has been seen from past years, would the contaminating host DNA really cause much of a problem with assembly? Maybe one could just add a bit of RNAse directly to the HTL's? It would be interesting to know if you have ever tried phage genomic sequencing with and without the addition of the DNAse/RNAse cocktail, and compared the assembly results.
Posted in: Phage Discovery/IsolationYield and degradation of DNA isolated by new protocol
| posted 15 Dec, 2015 15:14
Hello Anthony,

This file has the instructions for the manual installation of Phamerator. We have done this before, and it worked fine.

Posted in: SEA-PHAGES Virtual MachineIndividual software components for Ubuntu users
| posted 23 Nov, 2015 16:26
The "pham circle" tool is broken in Phamerator, and I believe that Steve C. is aware of this. In the meanwhile, if you can do some programming, Circos is an option to draw something similar.
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