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Read-only Genome for User?

| posted 22 Feb, 2017 16:29
My students are having a problem editing the Mabel genome in PECAAN, with the error stating that it is “Read-only", and thus cannot be edited/annotated. The same students can edit other SCSU genomes that have been added, but not Mabel. As an Admin, I have no problems editing Mabel. Any idea why there is a permissions error even thought they are approved Institutional Users?

Edited 22 Feb, 2017 16:31
| posted 22 Feb, 2017 17:19
I am guessing mabel is locked. This is a setting on the admin -> phages page, left most column
| posted 22 Feb, 2017 17:26
Thanks Chris – Yup, that was the issue! I'm not sure how it ended up locked, but it was indeed locked.

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