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| posted 11 Jan, 2018 21:47
Hello hive-mind!
We are having issues with DNA Master upon start-up. This is only happening to our 2 new instructors that have recently downloaded and installed DNA Master (back in December, I think). One is running it on a PC, the other in the Wine bottle on a Mac. I've included the screenshots below from the PC. It appears as though the program is actually missing pieces (like it installed incorrectly), but uninstalling and re-downloading/re-installing is not fixing the errors. Please help! Those of us that had DNA Master installed previously are not encountering these errors. I'm concerned that our students will also encounter this issue…

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| posted 06 Mar, 2017 21:03
Thanks, Welkin. I was just encountering this in our A4 phage, and was wondering "what's up with that?!" I haven't looked closely yet for any slippery sequences, but it's not another frameshift that we're seeing? Neat!
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| posted 02 Mar, 2017 20:21
Thanks a bunch, Dan! Entering the "phage" password did the trick. As a side note, it appears that we may have encountered this problem by "force shutting down" Phamerator. Today, a student had this password request appear after re-starting Phamerator after it had been prematurely closed.

Thanks again,
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| posted 28 Feb, 2017 16:10
Hi all,

I've had this happen to a couple of students in the last week. In one case, it fixed itself, in the others, we're still encountering the problem. Please note that in all cases, Phamerator was working just fine previously.

Upon attempting to open Phamerator, a password is being required that we don't have. We can't even open it without this passkey. The box that pops up says: "Database Setup Required. Paherator needs to set up your database. Please enter your root database password." I know how to change the database, but I can't even access the Edit menu to do so when this happens.

Thanks for your help!

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| posted 11 Jan, 2017 18:30
Thanks for the clarification, Chris! I might try updating manually with the git command.
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| posted 06 Jan, 2017 17:21
Hi all,

So we've got the new 2017 SEAVM up and running. I was expecting to see the new version of Starterator in there (with the names of the phages directly on the tracks, green (for human-annotated) vs. yellow (for auto-annotated) called starts, etc.). However, that's not what I get; I get the same outputs as the 2016 version (just the track number on each track, only blue lines for called starts). I can, however, access the new PDFs for each pham online.

Am I missing something in terms of getting the new outputs in Starterator in Ubuntu?

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