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Frameshift K6

| posted 20 Sep, 2020 19:03
Identified the frameshift but I am unsure if its -1 or +2.

Yellow highlight, frame 1, AAs: IEGK then it should jump to frame 3 (soon to be blue highlight) and continue AA: ISQV

It seems to me that the slipper sequence "GGGAAAA" final "A" 11670 is counted 2x. The final "A" in codon for amino acid "K" and again as the first "A" in codon for amino acid "I"
I though this is the definition of a -1. However, when I learned how to read the 6 different frames I thought moving down 2 frames is a +2?
| posted 20 Sep, 2020 19:16
We have more experimental data for -1 frameshifts. So we will call the -1 until we can do an experiment to differentiate.
| posted 20 Sep, 2020 19:18
okay, thanks for the quick reply!
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