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Arsenate reductase or NrdH-like glutaredoxin

| posted 09 May, 2020 16:14
I am annotating a EK1 phage Stormbreaker and the gp9 has both a Arsenate reductase and NrdH-like glutaredoxin domain in the same region. I am not sure what call to make on this since there is more evidence for the NrdH-like glutaredoxin based on the additional conserved domain database than the Arsenate reductase. I know that the Arsenate reductase is a newer function.
| posted 09 May, 2020 17:07
Hi Matt,
I moved your post because the "cluster tips" are reserved for reports of cluster-specific oddities rather than a place to ask questions.

In this case, if you have the data for the more specific assignment, by all means use it! The other designation is for instances when you can't always tell.

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