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Gene or not a gene? MrMiyagi

| posted 30 Apr, 2020 03:12
Dear Phage hunters,
I am strongly inclined to deleting reverse gene 36 in phage MrMiyagi (SSC: 33325-33185 reverse, RBS z=2.o12, Fs =-5.0722), but perhaps a second opinion might help before I pull the trigger, since this is an orpham with not other data. Here’s the deal. It was called by GM, but not GM. No hits in phagesDb, but Blast via DNA master shows a hit at “extracellular solute-binding protein, NCBI, Roseovarius sp., WP_138933805, 58.70%, e-value 2.24 (13.3% similarity; e-value not significant; NB. Roseovarius is a genus of the Rhodobacteraceae. No coding potential in both GeneMark (smeg) & TB, but there is atypical CD in GeneMarkS. This "gene" is in a large gap between forward genes, and I know it is not common for phages to switch between forward and reverse genes. What is your take on this? Is atypical coding potential ever acceptable to be used? see attachment.

Edited 30 Apr, 2020 03:16
| posted 30 Apr, 2020 09:31
I too would be inclined to delete this gene.
| posted 04 May, 2020 03:06
Thank you Debbie!
Edited 04 May, 2020 03:07
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