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minor tail protein? and possible tail fiber in EE phage?

| posted 11 Jul, 2019 21:12
I am QC-ing EE phage Vanisius, and have some good HHPred hits to "tail fiber" for gp 15 (see screenshots in first slide of attached PPT). Most are calling this pham simply a minor tail protein, but while it's in the right place, it's only ~550bp. What's the expected size for a tail fiber? Is this best called NKF, minor tail, or tail fiber?

In a related question, gp 9 has some good HHPred evidence for a minor tail protein of some kind (see the 2nd slide in attachment), but is less than 400bp long. It is immediately downstream of the major tail protein and immediately upstream of the tail assembly chaperones. I want to confirm that this is best left as NKF?

| posted 12 Jul, 2019 16:47
I think the first should stay as "minor tail protein" and the the second as "NKF". Tail fibers can be all sorts of sizes; they are best identified by wet bench work. Bioinformatically, they have long extended trimeric regions like triple-coiled coils or "collagen" domains.
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