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DNA methylase overlap

| posted 06 Jan, 2019 23:00
I am working on phage Pharaoh in the final stretch and keep questioning the DNA methylase. Two methylase genes are coming up in the A12 that are right next to each other, gp78 (ORF 47292 - 47942) and gp79 (ORF 47764-48306). The other two annotated A12 phages Steamy and DarthPhader both show significant overlap in these genes. I checked blast data, thinking maybe one really wasn't existing, but they are both coming with CP and blast results that are decent. I extended the first to its end, which gave 1:1 blast starts with multiple genes. This leads to a 179 overlap. I'm not sure what to do? I know the likelihood of this is not right, but what is going on?
Any thoughts?
Mary Ann
Edited 06 Jan, 2019 23:00
| posted 06 Jan, 2019 23:17
Mary Ann,
We believe that both of genes are real. Not exactly sure how they are working together, but call that BIG overlap; its OK!
| posted 07 Jan, 2019 17:52
Thank you.
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