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problem with adding a gene

| posted 11 Jul, 2018 19:06
There appears to be some issue right now with adding a gene in PECAAN (at least in my hands…smile. This is new–I distinctly remember doing it successfully yesterday or the day before. But just now when I went in to annotate a frameshift and I clicked on the "add a gene" button the window doesn't seem to display properly. In two different browsers, chrome and Firefox, what you see at the very top is the "forward/reverse" drop down menu, and below that the "advanced" button, but there's no place visible to enter the "stop" coordinate. Again, this wasn't the case just yesterday or the day before, and I've fiddled with it today for quite some time. BTW this is in the LilDestine genome if that makes a difference.
| posted 13 Jul, 2018 16:13
For me when the top of the "add a gene window" is cut off it is because I have the zoom level set to magnify the page. This happens a lot as I typically have my pages default to 150% zoom or so. The tiny 3-line menu in the top right corner can be used to see and or change the current zoom level.
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