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Saving Blast Results in DNA Master

| posted 25 Apr, 2018 19:02
I am having trouble saving the results after Blasting all genes within DNA Master. I've blasted whole genomes in DNA Master many times before and successfully saved the results within the Blast tab. For the current genome I've blasted several times, see the blast data, but then they disappear when I reopen the saved file. As a test, I blasted one gene. When selecting how many hits to save for that one gene, all results for all genes were temporarily back. When I reopened the file all blast hits were gone again. I'm attaching a DNA Master file that has had the whole genome blasted, but I can't view blast results. Am I missing some step to save the results or a step to view them. My DNA Master is up to date. Thanks!
| posted 26 Apr, 2018 12:06
Hi. I have fixed the file. I believe the issue involves not providing DNA master enough time to build he database correctly. I used a DNA master utility to repack the file (which has no value until I show you what that means). I couldn't quickly find a protocol to this on the on-line bioinformatics guide. i will get it posted soon.
If you are coming to the symposium/faculty meeting, let's chat.
| posted 26 Apr, 2018 13:21
Thanks, Debbie! I will be at the symposium/faculty meeting, so I will see you then.
| posted 26 Apr, 2018 14:18
The instructions on how to unpack and repack a file are on the faculty info page:
| posted 26 Apr, 2018 14:27
Thanks Welkin!
| posted 26 Apr, 2018 17:03
Thanks Welkin!
| posted 26 Apr, 2018 20:33
Just a note in case someone comes to this thread later, in cases where the pack/unpack protocol doesn't work. Before you start over from scratch to redo all your annotations in a new DNA Master file you can try to at least transfer the notes and annotations using the technique Welkin describes in this post:

That technique has saved me many times.
| posted 26 Jan, 2022 17:07
never mind, I was able to save the file. Hurrah!
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