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A gene or not a gene - Morty007 #68

| posted 20 Mar, 2018 13:13
We're confused and generally split about whether to leave gene 68 in Morty007 or delete it. We have evidence both ways and our twin Marley1013 has coding potential in the same region, but does not call the gene. The RBS data was Z score 1.967 and final score -4.800. I have attached a Word document with our evidence. Any thoughts out there to break our tie.
Thank you in advance.
Marywood PhageHunters
| posted 13 Apr, 2018 14:30
You've identified a neat little region in the B3s that is not well-conserved. It seems like every B3 has its own different nucleotide sequence right here, which makes it hard to use comparative genomics to give you the answer. The Phamerator map has actually called a tiny forwards gene and your genemark TB data looks like it should be a slightly larger reverse gene in the same place– although the coding potential overlaps the RNA ligase, so that's no good.

I guess I am leaning towards "not a gene", mostly because of the lack of small genes upstream of the RNA ligase in the other B3s.
Edited 13 Apr, 2018 14:35
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