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How many holins?

| posted 09 Aug, 2017 16:30
I am looking at cluster J phages and there are instances where two holins have been called. Allowed? The structure is LysA-holin-LysB-holin.
| posted 10 Aug, 2017 14:37

Which phages have the second potential holins? The cluster J phages I've looked at have pham 5845 between the two lysins, which does not look like a holin via HHPred (attached) and does not seem to have a transmembrane region by TMHMM?

| posted 10 Aug, 2017 14:46

That is indeed the "holin" I am looking at in Dmpstrdiver. It does not really seem like one to me based on all the evidence we have but I was wondering if there was evidence I don't know about for why this has been called a holin.


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