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Install Guest Additions to VM ---- Without "SEAFaculty Login ability"

| posted 17 Jan, 2017 19:36
The final step in the VM installation this year has the instruction below.

QUESTION: Is there a way that we can give students access to these "Guest Additions" without faculty login credentials? I am not comfortable giving the class my credentials? Is there another way to access these additions?

Thanks. Greg

5. Install Guest Additions to make the VM work optimally with your host OS.
Guest Additions are software you can install winthin your virtual machine to make it work more seamlessly with your host operating system. Basically, it lets the VM "play nice" with the host OS, and allows smoother mouse interactions, window resizing, clipboard sharing, time syncing, and more.
To install Guest Additions, log in to the seafaculty account on your SEA Virtual Machine, find the VirtualBox VM menu, and go to Devices→Insert Guest Additions CD Image…
You should see some activity within the VM in a terminal window. If prompted, enter the seafaculty password. When complete, you may see a success message in the terminal.
| posted 21 Jan, 2017 20:05
Question - I was trying to learn using Phamerator software. I have downloaded the VirtualBox. Everything went well without any problems on my machine. But, When I try to start Phamerator, I get a message saying “”Database Setup Required.” “Phamerator needs to set up your database. Please enter your root database password.”

I tried passwords for student access, faculty access and admin access none of them work. Do you know whats is going on? Can anyone help?
| posted 31 Jan, 2017 23:20
The password is "phage".

There is a document here with details:

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