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Chandrakanth Emani


Western Kentucky University

Associate Professor


Dr. Chandrakanth Emani is an Associate Professor of plant molecular biology at Western Kentucky University. His current research funded by the National Science Foundation-EPSCoR program involves the utility of plant-based pharmaceutical compounds as integrative treatment options for cancer, plant bioinformatics aimed at plant molecular evolution, and phytoremediation strategies to reclaim cultivable land near oil fields. Dr. Emani has a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Pune University, India, and a Ph.D. in Genetics and Plant Molecular Biology from Osmania University, India. During his doctoral research, he was a Junior Research Fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation and a doctoral fellow of the Hindustan Ciba-Geigy (presently Syngenta). He pursued research in plant genetic engineering as a post-doctoral fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation at the Norman Borlaug Center of Texas A&M University where he worked on plant genetic transformation of sorghum, rice, and cotton. A multi-collaborative research project at Texas A&M University involving plant molecular promoters from rice and sugarcane resulted in eleven patents from the USPTO (5), European patent office (2), Brazilian Patent office (2), and World Intellectual Organization (2).


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