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Sept 19 2018 GenBank Submissions

The following phages were assigned GenBank Accession numbers:

Chewbacca MH926055
Cruella MH926056
Kimchi1738 MH926057
Reptar3000 MH926058
Riparian MH926059
Schadenfreude MH926060
Troy MH926061
Vorrps MH926062

SEA-PHAGES Phage Discovery Guide is Online!

The Phage Discovery Guide has moved to an online platform. Moving forward, this online guide will be the only version that is regularly updated. You can access the guide from the faculty info page of the program website. Here is a direct link worth a bookmark: 

If you ...

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Sept 5 2018 submissions

the following numbers were assigned on Sept 5:

Adaia MH834594
Andrew MH834595
Armstrong MH834596
Atraxa MH834597
Auxilium MH834598
Bernstein MH834599
BigCheese MH834600
BoostSeason MH834601
Brahms MH834602
Bridgette MH834603
Coltrane MH834604
Constance MH834605
Coral MH834606
Corgi MH834607
Cote MH834608
Daob MH834609
DrManhattan MH834610
Eileen MH834611
Faja MH834612
Fowlmouth MH834613
Judy MH834614
KandZ MH834615
Kepler MH834616
Lizziana ...

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Sept 4 2018 Genbank Submissions

The following accession numbers were assigned:

Bangla1971 MH825697
Burro MH825698
Darolandstone MH825699
Efeko MH825700
Flare16 MH825701
Hamish MH825702
LeeroyJ MH825703
LilTurb MH825704
Mesh1 MH825705
Microdon MH825706
MilleniumForce MH825707
NearlyHeadless MH825708
NicoleTera MH825709
Ruin MH825710
Tenno MH825711
ValentiniPuff MH825712
Zalkecks MH825713

August 22 2018 submissions

The following numbers were assigned:


Bread MH779498
Buggaboo MH779499
Crownjwl MH779500
Emianna MH779501
FudgeTart MH779502
Gemini MH779503
Getalong MH779504
Grizzly MH779505
Guntur MH779506
Hotshotbaby7 MH779507
Jifall16 MH779508
Kasen3 MH779509
Kurt MH779510
LilDestine MH779511
Miaurora MH779512
Olga MH779513
Paito MH779514
Sweets MH779515
Waterdiva MH779516
Zulu MH779517

August 14 2018 Submission

The following numbers were assigned:


Arcanine MH744414
ArcusAngelus MH744415
Dongwon MH744416
Grand2040 MH744417
JustBecause MH744418
KBurrousTX MH744419
Kromp MH744420
Moki MH744421
Roots515 MH744422
Saguaro MH744423
Turuncu MH744424
Wamburgrxpress MH744425

Aug 8 2018 submission

These records will go live in GenBank on September 29, 2018.

The following numbers were assigned:


CharlieB MH727543
Dalmuri MH727544
DismalStressor MH727545
Eaglehorse MH727546
Foxboro MH727547
Galactic MH727548
Gancho MH727549
Juicebox MH727550
Kalah2 MH727551
KidneyBean MH727552
LittleLaf MH727553
MuchMore MH727554
Mulan MH727555
OneinaGillian MH727556
Paperbeatsrock MH727557
Salacia MH727558
Samty MH727559
SamW MH727560
Serendipitous MH727561 ...

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July 30 2018 Submission

Adahisdi MH697575
Aggie MH697576
Amochick MH697577
Belladonna MH697578
Cane17 MH697579
Catfish MH697580
Crispicous1 MH697581
Ejimix MH697582
EricMillard MH697583
FrenchFry MH697584
Gex MH697585
InigoMontoya MH697586
IPhane7 MH697587
Jaykayelowell MH697588
Neferthena MH697589
Phlegm MH697590
QueenBeesly MH697591
Rando14 MH697592
Tapioca MH697593


These will go live on Sept 1, 2018

July 25 2018 Submission

Ali17 MH669000 EleanorGeorge MH669001 Emmina MH669002 Girr MH669003 Hank144 MH669004 JoeyJr MH669005 LibertyBell MH669006 Marietta MH669007 Megamind MH669008 Nimbo MH669009 PHappiness MH669010 PherrisBueller MH669011 QuickMath MH669012 Skysand MH669013 Spikelee MH669014 TillyBobJoe MH669015 TrvxScott MH669016 Zelink MH669017


These will go live on Sept 1 2018.

July 20 2018 Submission

Angelicage MH651166
Angelique MH651167
Ashertheman MH651168
Burwell21 MH651169
ChampagnePapi MH651170
Collard MH651171
Comrade MH651172
Dixon MH651173
Easy2Say MH651174
Gophee MH651175
Horus MH651176
KlimbOn MH651177
KristaRAM MH651178
MadMarie MH651179
Maroc7 MH651180
Minima MH651181
Neville MH651182
Nivrat MH651183
Phareon MH651184
Phistory MH651185
Podrick MH651186
Renaud18 MH651187
Ruby MH651188
Schmidt MH651189
Thestral MH651190


These will go live ...

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