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Sequencing Information: 2022-23

It's almost sequencing season!

Contact Us/Questions

Please send any questions about the information below to Dan (

Sample Submission Form

Please submit the information about the samples you are sending using this Google Form. This will help us keep track of samples, correct any spelling errors, and make sure your samples are accounted for. ...

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Sequencing Status 2022-23

Below is a live spreadsheet showing the status of SEA-PHAGES sequencing samples for the 2022-23 academic year. Generally, samples are only listed after they're scheduled for a MiSeq run, so don't worry if the samples you sent haven't appeared yet.

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2022 MRA Workflow

2022 MRA Workflow

The MRA workflow is designed to support you (SEA faculty) and your students publish MRAs describing phages that you and your students discover and characterize as part of the PHAGES project. Participation is this workflow is only a requirement for those who are offered a discounted publication fee, though we ...

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