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Fall Faculty Hack-A-Thons!

We are delighted to announce the First Annual Fall Faculty Hack-A-Thons!

What is it?
The Fall Faculty Hack-A-Thons is a series of one-day annotation workshops for faculty that are hosted by our SEA-PHAGES SMART Team and expedited submitters. The goal of the Hack-A-Thons are to improve faculty annotation skills across the SEA and help everyone refresh their memories before they teach the bioinformatics component in the Spring. These small group, faculty-focused workshops will work through the annotation of one genome from the genome exchange. Along the way, faculty will be reoriented to SEA-PHAGES bioinformatics tools, the Online Guide, annotation submission guidelines, changes from previous years, and useful forums and resources on

Who should attend?
We encourage all faculty that will be leading the bioinformatics course to attend at least one of these workshops. Teaching assistants are welcome if there is space. 
Cohort 11 faculty will soon attend a week-long in-depth bioinformatics training workshop, and as such, should not feel obliged to attend a Hack-A-Thon this fall, which is designed primarily as a refresher.

How to attend one?
These workshops will take place as in-person meetings, virtual meetings, or a combination of both. To attend one of these meetings, refer to the sign-up link below, which lists all the dates and locations for these meetings. Once all faculty have identified their top three choices, you will be contacted with additional details about the meetings. Lunch is provided at in-person meetings, but travel to and from a meeting is at your own expense.

Please identify up to three workshops that you can attend, and rank your preference, by Oct 4, 2018. 
Sign-up here: 

Happy Annotating!



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