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SEA Virtual Machine 2015

2015 VM Largely Unchanged

Because there were very few changes made in the 2015 version of the SEA Virtual Machine, we decided not to request that all schools replace their 2014 VMs with the 2015 one.  If you've got the 2014 VM installed, you'll have no trouble running Phamerator, AceUtil, Newbler, consed, etc., and do not need to update.

Starterator Added

We did, however, add one program called Starterator to the 2015 VM.  Starterator is a program that can help you make start-site choices during annotation by providing a pham-wide view of available and chosen start sites.  Thus, you can compare how one of your gene's start site possibilities compare to similar genes that have already been published.  Starterator was developed by Marissa Pacey at the University of Pittsburgh.

Download the VM

Keep in mind these are quite large files, and using a hard-wired connection will likely result in faster downloads.  The machine can then be copied to a flash drive and distributed as needed.

Click here for the version for Mac.

Click here for the version for PC.

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