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South Central SEA-PHAGES Research Symposium - 2019
Apr 12
5 PM
Apr 13
12 PM

The Third Annual South-Central U.S.A. SEA-PHAGES Research Symposium will be held on the campus of the University North Texas in Denton, TX on April 12 - 13. SEA-PHAGES schools from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas are expected to attend. The meeting participants will discuss their research over student posters and faculty-led talks.

Attendees are also invited to come to a talk on the UNT campus by Dr. Neil Shubin (author of “Your Inner Fish”) who will speaking at 3pm on Friday, April 12 as part of the UNT Biology Graduate Student Association’s Research Day.

Please contact Lee Hughes ( from the University of North Texas if you have any questions about the event.

Meeting type: Local Symposium

Facility: None

Program book: Program Book-South Central SEA-PHAGES Research Symposium-2019

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