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| posted 20 May, 2019 23:08
Hi Debbie, We have been working with M. aichiense phages. We have not generally seen smears; we have seen virtually nothing. We have had a terrible time with low titers and therefore getting sufficient DNA. We have had to use a large liquid culture and PEG precipitation to get even a microgram of nanogram amounts of DNA.We have seen some very low molecular weight smears with some of these including HerbertWM (which we rarely to never have seen before). Margaret
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| posted 24 May, 2016 18:08
What an enormous loss. David's infectious enthusiasm and excitement brightened every Seaphages Symposium; he brought such humor, intelligence, and warmth to all his interactions. My deepest sympathies to David's family, friends, and the Cabrini community. He will be so missed by so many!
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