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| posted 30 Jan, 2024 23:18
I agree, SOSUI is offline. Any recommendations on the following: CCTOP (, Phobius (, and SMART ( An abstract by LeTourneau University ( their use.
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| posted 30 Jan, 2024 22:53
Looks like SOSUI no longer exists. Should we use DeepTMHMM and TOPCONS to identify membrane proteins?
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| posted 20 Jan, 2024 00:51
Hello: I would like to receive feedback on TOPCONS for identifying α-helical transmembrane proteins. At UNLV, we've used DeepTMHMM and SOSUI but only recently became aware of TOPCONS. TOPCONS is found at doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv485. Thanks, Kurt Regner, UNLV
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| posted 04 Jan, 2018 02:04

We just finished our first semester of the wet lab portion of the SEA-Phages curriculum and are now planning for the spring annotation course. I adapted the Gonzaga assessment surveys for the wet lab course (CBE 2016 15:1-11), but I am now looking for examples of assessment instruments for an annotation course. I found the Genomics Education Partnership (CBE 2014: 13:111–130) publication, but not much else. What assessment surveys / instruments did other groups find useful? Would anyone be willing to share their assessment instruments for an annotation course? Thanks in advance. Kurt Regner
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| posted 07 Jun, 2017 18:33
Hello: Thanks, this was very helpful. I installed DNA Master for Mac yesterday and everything seems to work fine. I'll post any questions. Kurt Regner, UNLV
Edited 08 Jun, 2017 18:58
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