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Seemingly "uneven" updating of Phamerator db

| posted 06 Feb, 2016 20:27
I seem to recall that we ran into this last year as well but don't remember what if any resolution was achieved. We started trying to use phamerator just this past Thursday, on 16 HP machines running the 2016VM in a Windows 7 background. After starting phamerator in the VM and allowing it to complete the updating process, most students were able to see our relatively recently added phage (LilDestine, added last month[?]) but a few were not. It simply was not available in the list that one obtains upon clicking on "phages". At lower left, the student's screen would say "database update complete" or words to that effect.

Any thoughts?
| posted 11 Feb, 2016 14:41
Hi Joe,

The first—and most critical—thing to check is whether or not the students who don't have the newer phages are using the correct Phamerator database. To check the current database/server settings, go into one of their Phamerators and go to Edit –> Preferences. The current server and database should be:

database: Actino_Draft

If those are the settings, and you're still not seeing the recent phages, let us know.

| posted 11 Feb, 2016 14:46
(Also, make sure you restart Phamerator once the database update is complete.)
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