Our classroom computers have be "upgraded" to 128Gb solid state drives. Yes they are fast. But, also yes, they have very little free space on them. Our I.T. guys could not get the VirtualBox/VM to run across our network from a shared server.

I suggested that there was enough room to install and run the VBox on the local hard drives and have the Virtual Machine on a ($11 SanDisk Ultrafit) 32Gb thumb drive.

This fix works great. The only problem is that the same thumb drive has to be used in the same computer. We tried switching and directory calls seemed to be disrupted and files not found.

This solution also came in handy on a student's personal micro-computer with a very small hard drive. So if your students have a Macbook Air or other cloud oriented Windows computer with a small SSD, I suspect this option would work for them as well.

One can buy 128Gb of reasonably fast storage for under $35. For classroom use, I bought the 32Gb versions for under $11 because I assumed some would go missing. With free Prime delivery you can have it on your doorstep in two days!

I hope this solves someone elses I.T. headaches down the road too!
Edited 22 Jan, 2016 14:22