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| posted 23 May, 2024 18:53
Has anyone done a deep dive on phage spanins? Is it worth looking at or would we need some wetlab support anyway?
| posted 23 May, 2024 20:28
Hi Shallee,
Rick Pollenz is looking at transmembrane proteins associated with the lysin genes. He may have more insight.
Though I am not an expert, it is my understanding that our lysin Bs 'contain' the analogous spanin function of the enteric bacteriophages. So we have avoided using 'spanin' in lieu of lysin B. with the difference in cell walls we would want to be careful that are calls do not cause confusion. You are welcome to deep dive this topic!
Edited 23 May, 2024 20:29
| posted 28 May, 2024 12:03
Ok, thanks.
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