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Baseplate protein vs. Minor tail protein

| posted 08 Feb, 2024 21:42
I am a student of Profesor Barmoy. I am having trouble calling a function for a gene of a Siphoviridae phage. In HHpred, I have hits for a base plate structural protein in a myoviride phage. I also have hits in HHpred for a minor tail protein.

My results include no collagen-like or glycine-rich proteins to assist in calling a minor tail, but also have no directions on calling a base plate protein.

Can anyone assist in which to call and why?

Thank you in advance.
| posted 09 Feb, 2024 03:33
Hi ACMPhageHunters,
More information is needed to help.
What gene (please provide coordinates) and genome are you inquiring about?
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