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Identify transposons

| posted 22 Jun, 2023 16:47
We are annotating a cluster F1 phage (Maravista)and have identified a transposase (gp 41) and we need to find the corresponding transposon. We haven't done this before. What tools would be effective to assist us in identifying a transposon?
Thanks in advance for the help!
| posted 30 Jul, 2023 22:09
Greetings, all! We are getting ready to submit our annotation for Maravista and we haven't received a reply to this query, so I hope someone can help us out. To clarify, it's a reverse gene and it's gp 41 on phagesdb and we are going with the GeneMark start at 32125. We're fairly certain it's a transposase but want to be sure. Thanks!
| posted 31 Jul, 2023 19:31
The approved function list says you have to have a transposon to have a transposase. I don’t know the answer to that. I would ask that you looks as well as you can and if you don’t find something that looks like a transposon, just call the transposase and make note on your cover sheet. Another thing to consider is the types of transposons – papers will define the ends and that may help you find the transposon.
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