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RecA requirements

| posted 21 Jun, 2023 19:03
Sally Molloy (University of Maine, Honors College) has shown an in-depth investigation of what is needed to call a protein RecA. Attached is a doc with links to her Power Point presentation and her video describing her presentation.
Edited 23 Aug, 2023 16:20
| posted 28 Mar, 2024 15:58
I have a question. In DoobyDoo, Feature 65 (on Phamerator), stop 45445, has some of the features of a RecA, but not all of them. Therefore, I do not believe we should call this a RecA recombinase. On this powerpoint, our cluster (DV), falls under the category of not having a RecA recombinase but calling it anyway. Does this mean that we should not call it a RecA recombinase, or that we should call it a RecA, even though it is not a true RecA recombinase?

Thank you,
Beth Rueschhoff
Indiana University Southeast
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