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Image file size

| posted 04 Jun, 2023 14:56
Is there a recommended file size for images to be uploaded?
| posted 04 Jun, 2023 17:18
What kind of images? Do you mean the plaque or EM pic on phagesDB or something else?
| posted 04 Jun, 2023 19:52
Hi Debbie, something else. These are gel images datacards or cytotoxic assays for the GENES database. I don't want to have images submitted that are too small or be useful or too large to bog down servers or other users machines.
| posted 21 Jun, 2023 17:52
Hi Dan,
As far as I know there is not a file size limit, but we should try to avoid files that are ridiculously large (e.g., many many MB) or that are too low resolution to see necessary experimental details smile
| posted 23 Jun, 2023 18:15
Thanks for the guidance. I've been exporting .ppt files as .png at 2000 px by 1175 px and that size seems reasonable when expanded on genesdb. Images of individual cytotoxic plates are 300 ppi and the overall file size is around 1.8 MB. It might be a bit larger than needed for accurate representation of data, but it hasn't crashed a server…. yet.
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