There is a Pham (which includes London_gp47) which has a group of proteins that have a good E-value on CDD, HHPRED, and structural predictions in AlphaFold, however:

• These are usually part of a multi-gene system. What is the function of this gene by itself?
• What is its function in phage multiplication?
• This domain is in the ACT domain family, which is found in many different proteins with various functions and ligands.
• The attached file has some of the evidence and predictions.

Recommendation (from Karen K. and the SMART team): Keep as hypothetical protein for now.

8 Members of Pham 7014 as of 2023-06-03:
    Asa16_47 Ascela_50 Elezi_47 Eraser_47 Iter_50 London_47 Niobe_47 Nitro_Draft_51
Edited 06 Jun, 2023 14:48