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DNA master parse error (and others)

| posted 16 Mar, 2023 23:51

I'm encountering some unexpected errors in DNA master. This is true for both old DNAM files I have previously successfully worked with, and a new one I made from the FASTA sequence.

When I open the file, I get an error that says: "Field 'Path' must have a value."

I'm able to work in the file from there, but when I add my notes to the documentation and parse, the feature table is coming up empty. Again, this is true using both new notes files and old ones that previously did work.

Other times I try to open a file and get "Stream write error". In this case the file does not open at all. But if I try again, it does sometimes open the file.

I have updated DNA Master and the problems persist. Any ideas on how to solve this?
| posted 17 Mar, 2023 16:23
This sounds like a connection is busted between the windows tools DNA Master uses and DNA Master.
You have to get them back. The simplest way forward may be to totally uninstall and then reinstall it on your machine.
If you haven't turned your machine off and then back on, that might be a first try.
| posted 17 Mar, 2023 20:10
Ah! I should have tried the old off-and-on trick first (did it with DNA Master, but not the entire machine). That solved the problem. Thank you Debbie!
| posted 18 Mar, 2023 00:05
Excellent! Yay!
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