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Meditation guru error message - See Community Section

| posted 17 Jan, 2023 23:10

Many of my students are getting the attached error message when attempting to install virtual box. And I am not tech savy enough to figure out the issue. Can anyone help explain why we are getting this error and how we may go about fixing it??

Thank you!

Alison Moyer
| posted 18 Jan, 2023 16:29
Hi Alison,

What kinds of computers do your students who are getting the error have?

| posted 18 Jan, 2023 20:48
Hey Dan,

Thanks for replying.

They are all new macs, various models. So when they go to the virtual box page they are installing the "developer preview" version rather than the "intel" which wouldn't work at all for them.

Edited 18 Jan, 2023 20:48
| posted 19 Jan, 2023 14:47
Hi Alison,

Thanks. I asked because if they're the newer "M1" Macs, then we don't necessarily have a recommended way forward. (The chip architecture on the M1 Macs is different than the old Intel ones, and so VirtualBox will likely never work on M1s.)

That said, if M1 is the issue, there's a big thread here on that:

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