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Baseplate protein

| posted 20 Dec, 2022 18:17

I am annotating phage Emotion (AZ). The gene at stop 12160 (Emotion_draft_16) has some pretty good hits in HHpred to entries that mention baseplate, but I'm not sure if they are sufficient to call anything related to a baseplate. None of the hits mention anything specifically about baseplate J or baseplate wedge, the two currently approved functions. But the hits were strong enough, and apppeared to cover enough of the sequence from Emotion, that I am curious.

I've summarized the data I found in the attachment and also copied some key info below. Any advice on this one?


PhagesDB for gene Emotion_draft_16:
HHpred results:
| posted 21 Dec, 2022 11:30
I would keep this simple and call this a minor tail protein.
| posted 21 Dec, 2022 18:08
Thank you Debbie!
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