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A small minor tail protein called based on solely on synteny?

| posted 06 May, 2022 17:34
In the subcluster A11 phage Gilberta, we are seeing a small (189 bp long; position 25381-25569) gene hitting more than 60 minor tail protein genes in both NCBI and phagesDB. This gene is right downstream of a large (1992 bp long) minor tail protein gene which follows other minor tail proteins upstream of it. However, this small (189 bp) gene has neither hits to collagen-like, glycine-rich proteins, coiled-coils, nor any other significant hits in HHPred (Only one HHPred hit to Bacteriophage FRD2 protein, with 41.2% alignment and 11.9% probability). Could we still call it a minor tail protein solely based on synteny? Below is its amino acid sequence: MPWSPSPAFPQRQHRTAWFAELPAPTPAQHQTAWWAVYELDAPVEIACVTAAEGQEGPEEAVZ
Edited 06 May, 2022 19:16
| posted 06 May, 2022 17:51
I would not call this gene a minor tail protein. It is at the end of a string of minor tail proteins and the next genes change directions. In my mind, these genes could be anything.
| posted 06 May, 2022 18:27
Thank you Debbie!
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