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Installing SEA VM on Linux machine

| posted 31 Jan, 2022 22:02
The Mac that I was using to run the SEA VM has aged out of updates and I have installed Linux Mint on the machine. Can I run the SEA VM on this operating system? I can install VirtualBox, but then need to choose between the Mac or Windows VM download. Thank you!
| posted 01 Feb, 2022 01:35
I can install VirtualBox, but then need to choose between the Mac or Windows VM download.

Can you please attach an image to illustrate what you mean by this? I have successfully run the SEA VM on several flavors of Linux, including Linux Mint, so I should be able to help once I properly understand the problem!
| posted 01 Feb, 2022 22:29
Great! I have VirtualBox installed, and am not sure whether to download the Windows or Mac SEA VM from
| posted 02 Feb, 2022 05:49
I would try tie MAC version first both mac and linux have the same unix core structure, you certainly will need to re-install the guest additions though as the mac version will likely have the guest additions for mac installed and you will need to download and install the guest additions for linux.

Since you have Mint already installed and running you can do this, I would search for help pages on "how to install virtualbox guest additions on linux guest". Any of the top hits should walk you through the steps. I took a quick look some suggest using the command line, others say the program that automatically runs when you "insert" the virtual CD with the guest additions software works as well. I always used the command line but the autorun could work, as with most things you will just have to try and see. Good luck.
Post questions if you get stuck
| posted 02 Feb, 2022 22:44
I haven't made it to guest additions, as I ran into an error when I tried to start the SEA VM.

I downloaded and unzipped the 2017 SEA VM, put it here, /home/ruth/VirtualBox VMs/SEAVM_2017.vmdk, and followed the setup directions from

When I started the VM, I got this error (attached screenshot).
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