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Fresh Install = no Validation folder

| posted 26 Jun, 2021 21:50
Good afternoon,

After so many years of the VM working flawlessly for me, it was bound to be my turn. To avoid pestering Christian, I simply started fresh with a new VM download and install and followed the instructions on how to make the changes to the new pipeline following his video. Only - I don't have a "Validation" folder as expected this time. Huh. That means there is nowhere to put the newer config file and no way to check files.

Any idea what I could have done wrong?
| posted 28 Jun, 2021 16:10
Hi Steve,

Did you download a 2017 SEA_VM or the 2020 SEA_VM?

In either case, you can simply create a folder called "validation" in the home directory (default location when you launch a new file browser instance).

In the validation folder, you should create another folder called "genomes"; also copy in to the validation folder the new config.txt and a copy of import_table.csv you may have lying around.

All other steps in the video should work, unless you have a fresh copy of a VERY old VM.
| posted 28 Jun, 2021 16:12
Thank you, I used the link I found from since I always lose the ones in my emails. It's the 2017 version. That's likely my error.

| posted 30 Jun, 2021 19:46
Can I ask one more dumb question, though? I have looked through all the old emails and posts on here and I can only find links to the 2017 VM. No rush, but when you have a moment, could someone post a link the 2020 VM? I am sure it's in some old email I saved. But I can't find it.


| posted 30 Jun, 2021 19:51

Should contain the 2017 SEA_VM, 2020 SEA_VM, and the video + bashrc file to get the 2020 SEA_VM file checker working again.
| posted 30 Jun, 2021 19:59
I am grateful.

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