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antitoxin in toxin/antitoxin system, BrnA-like

| posted 20 May, 2021 19:41
This is a follow-up to the toxin BrnT posts

Like Paola (K5), SoSeph (K5) also has a pair of genes that looks like the BrnTA toxin/antitoxin pair of genes [SoSeph_draft_88 (57177-57455) and SoSeph_draft_89 (57457-57888 )]. As Jordan, Veronique and Kristen described in the BrnT discussion, the downstream antitoxin gene has a ribbon-helix-helix structure. In HHPred, it hits the KacA antitoxin crystal in and RelD and CopG antitoxin CCD domains, all of which are also members of type II toxin-antitoxin systems.

We propose that this ribbon-helix-helix protein be called "antitoxin in toxin/antitoxin system, BrnA-like". It has the predicted ribbon-helix-helix motif of the antitoxin, the predicted size (ie, larger than the toxin), and the predicted synteny (immediately downstream of the toxin in a potential two-gene operon).

BrnTA structure-function paper (Heaton et al., 2012)

The official function list includes the BrnT toxin but does not include the partner BrnA antitoxin.
Edited 20 May, 2021 19:51
| posted 20 May, 2021 19:52
It does now.
Sorry about the smile snafu! i am getting notices every time you try to fix it.
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