Just a heads up.

Christian in the Hatfull lab has been working on optimizing the parameters for the clustering of phage proteins into phams. The most recent version of the database (ver 400) shows a much larger than average shift in both the number and make-up of phams. We don't know how these changes will effect starterator analysis. It may help overall in that more genes will be grouped resulting in fewer genes ending up as orphams with no starterator report. It may also not help in that the added genes will be so divergent that they provide little evidence to interpret within the reports.

All uses should be on the lookout for changes that effect the usefulness of the starterator reports. If anything that appears "off" or "confusing" in the starterator results let us know. If things seem to be working better for you let us know that too. You can use this forum or send me an email.