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genes 19/20 in K1 subcluster

| posted 02 Mar, 2021 21:06
Dear all,

We are currently annotating the genome of Stinson, a cluster K1 phage. Looking at the Phamerator maps of several previously annotated K1 phages, it seems that genes 19 and 20 are annotated "on top of each other" which seems odd (and I vaguely remember Welkin mentioning in one of the tutorial videos that this might be a sign that something is wrong with the annotation). Any insights would be highly appreciated!

| posted 02 Mar, 2021 22:19
Hi Susanne,
Yes. That is a classic presentation of a programmed frameshift found in tail assembly chaperone genes. There is some introductory info in the Bioinformatic Guide:

Lots have been written about them in the literature.
| posted 02 Mar, 2021 22:20
Thank you so much, Debbie!
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