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Tape measure in K1 phage

| posted 12 Jan, 2021 20:13
While annotating K1 phage Jarvi recently, I came upon the longest gene which I automatically assumed would be tape measure (after tail assembly chaperone genes). However, upon looking at the PhagesDB data, a number of similar K1 phage are now calling this longest gene a minor tail protein (such as BarrelRoll and ActinUp) and they do not have a tape measure. Is there a reason for this switch? (was wondering if I missed a paper somewhere… )
Edited 12 Jan, 2021 20:13
| posted 12 Jan, 2021 20:34
That is just incorrect. Gene 21 in ActinUp is the tape measure.
| posted 12 Jan, 2021 21:10
Thanks, Debbie, for the quick response and confirmation. Several phage genes then in that pfam (38675) are incorrect on phagesdb, as several are listed as minor tail proteins.
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